New Alexa Skills Contest

Submitted by Peter on Wed, 03/01/2017 - 20:40

Dev Post logoI completely missed this after the original announcement however Amazon have announced a new Skills contest. This time the contest is in partnership with Dev Post.

The contest is extremely open and any type of skill can be submitted providing the skill is unique. The overall prize value for this contest is a whopping $40,000.

If you are working on a skill already or have been planning on creating a skill now would be a fantastic time to do so and enter the competition. Not only will you have the chance of winning some great prizes but you may also receive some exposure.  The skill needs to be added to Dev Post by May 9th and must pass certification on Amazon by June 13th so there is plenty of time to build something great.

To find out more about the contest visit the contest page where you can find all the details and rules for the event.