Our Skills

Live Skills

I currently have the following skills live:

Skill Name Description Germany UK US
Dundee Gigs Users can request details of gigs on a specific day that are on in Dundee. The skill can also provide basic information regarding the venue. n/a Skill Page n/a
Dundee Facts A simple fact skill that gives a random fact about the city of Dundee in Scotland. n/a Skill Page n/a
Know Your MSP This is a skill that is intended to accompany the site Know Your MSP. The skill was initially created and submitted in the Hackster competition. Find out more HERE. n/a Skill Page n/a
Wacken  Facts Users can request a random fact regarding the largest heavy metal festival in the world, the Wacken festival located in Germany. n/a Skill Page

Skill Page


Skill Ideas

The following are some of the skill ideas that are potentially in development.

Alexa Bible

The Alexa Bible skill would have the following functionality:

  • Output the recent news
  • Act as a syndicator for Alexa themed podcasts
  • Skill of the day/week (promote a skill)

Gig Guide Skill

The skill would allow a user to set their hometown and request what gigs are scheduled for any given date. Additional features would be:

  • Fetch venue details
  • Purchase tickets (would require a partner)
  • Further details regarding the event (start time, lineup, age restrictions etc).
  • Track bands and be alerted when they announce a tour


I am always interested in ideas for a new skill. If you would like to suggest an idea (and potentially bag a £20 Amazon voucher) be sure to tip me off to the idea on my idea suggestion form.