Google declaring war? Assistant SDK Released!

Submitted by Peter on Sat, 04/29/2017 - 14:49

Google have recently announced the release of the SDK for their Google Assistant. This is of course in line with a lot of Google properties and allows 3rd party developers to create devices that utilize the Google Assistant technology. Amazon has of course had an SDK available for some time which has proved to be very popular with many manufacturers such as Lenovo, Ford and Huawei deciding to implement Alexa into their devices (big and small). We can fully expect the same to occur for Google.

The announcement is great news for the consumer as this will help raise the game and improve the usefulness and functionality of the devices. This, of course, applies equally to Google, Amazon and if speculation and rumor is correct Apple as well (I wonder if this will be announced at WWDC 'source').

I wonder if anyone will develop something that will utilize both the Amazon Alexa SDK and the Google Assistant SDK. I strongly suspect that both companies would object but would be an interesting concept.

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