AWS Credits For Skill Developers

Submitted by Peter on Sat, 18/03/2017 - 15:06

If you are a skills developer (or just registered on the Amazon Developer portal) you may have recently received an email from Amazon advising that you have received $100 in credits for the AWS service. This isn't a one off piece of generosity from Amazon. It is actually much more.

Amazon have instigated a programme that will essentially make running their skills on AWS a free prospect. Once the free credit is exhausted you can register to receive further credits. This new scheme makes AWS a much better proposition that using your own server or hosting, especially if you do not need to call any information you store yourself. For example i currently host my own skill that calls a 3rd party API. I do not store the requests or results, this skill can now easily remove my server from the equation calling the API directly from Lambda. I can also setup to store the results and requests and be safe in the knowledge that I will not pay a penny.

For more information of the scheme checkout Amazon's official post.