Registering An Account

Submitted by Peter on Fri, 24/02/2017 - 00:06

Before we can go ahead and create our first skill there are a couple of things we must do first. The most important of course is registering for a developer account. By the end of this article you will have registered for an account and will be ready to prepare your first skill.

Amazon Developer HomepageCreating an account is very easy and this should only take a couple of minutes to complete. Firstly make your way to the Amazon Developer Site where you will be presented with a page similar to the image on the right.


Amazon developer sign in buttonThis is the Amazon Developer home page. You may be wondering where the registration link is. Simply click on the Sign In link at the top right.


Amazon developer login screenIn the new screen enter the email address you would like to use for the account. If you do not already have an Amazon account ensure that you select ‘I am a new customer’ otherwise enter your password.

Once completed press the button with the text ‘Sign in using our secure server’.

Amazon developer registration srcreenIf you specified that you did not already have an account you will then be presented with the following screen like the image on the right.

As you would expect you should enter your name and desired password and click the ‘Create Account’ button.

Amazon developer registration formYou will then be presented with a form that looks quite daunting however there is nothing to be concerned about. There is 1 caveat on this form. 1 of the inputs requests the ‘Developer name or company name’. If you are not developing for a registered company do not be tempted to enter a dummy name or your website name, simply put your own name. If Amazon believe that you do not have a trademark for the specified company name you will have great difficulty in having your skill activated, therefore unless you can prove you own the trademark for the company name it is better to stick with your own name.

Amazon developer app distribution agreementYou will then be presented with Amazon’s App Distribution And Service Agreement. Being a responsible developer you will of course read this prior to clicking the agree button (I did, honest, well some of it).


Amazon developer sign up processingNow that you have agreed to the Service Agreement you may be presented with the following screen for a short period of time.


Amazon developer payment setupDo not be concerned if you do receive this. After a couple of minutes it should update.

For now select “no” for both questions. This will save us from requiring to enter further details for now. Once the account has been created we can always setup monetized apps however at present this is in relation to Mobile Apps rather than Alexa Skills.

Amazon developer user home pageThe last screen you will see is similar to the page in the image on the right.

Congratulations, you have successfully created your Amazon Developer account. Soon you will be creating your first Alexa Skill.