Alexa On The iPhone

Submitted by Peter on Sat, 03/18/2017 - 15:26

Yesterday I started seeing reports that the Amazon shopping app was rolling out an update introducing the Alexa service and allowing you to have similar functionality that you have with your Echo.

I have checked my Amazon store app but unfortunately, this has not been updated and reports suggest this is purely a US update thus far. I find it quite intriguing that they have chosen to implement this into the store app rather than the Alexa app but I suspect there is a very good reason for this.

1 thought is that the decision was made so that it puts Alexa into the hands of non Echo users thus showing people the power of what Alexa can do.

The benefits of the new addition are of course having the ability to interact with Alexa when you are out and about. Many are touting this as a Siri killer, however, I that this is somewhat premature, unlike Android devices on the iPhone you cannot replace the voice assistant with 1 from another vendor, therefore, you will always (as things stand) need to go into the Amazon app to interact with Alexa which does lower the usefulness. Until Apple changes this policy that cannot change.

Regardless I am waiting with baited breath for the update to come to the UK and to see what it can do.