Amazon Alexa And Google Assistant, A Match Made In Heaven?

Submitted by Peter on Mon, 05/08/2017 - 22:39

A little over a week ago Google announced the public release of the SDK for the assistant. I wondered at the time how long it would take for someone to utilize both the Amazon Voice SDK and the Google Assistant SDK on a single device. At the time this was just an interesting concept that I did not think would see the light of day for a while, well I was wrong.

Hackster.io Contest, Delays in Prize Allocation

Submitted by Peter on Thu, 02/16/2017 - 01:45

At the tail end of 2016 Amazon partnered with hackter.io to create a new Alexa API Mashup contest. The aim of the contest had clearly been to create an influx of newly created skills. Amazon has partnered with hackster.io a number of times prior and since this particular contest was created.

Hackster.io Contest, Just 2 Weeks To Go

Amazon have partnered with Hackster.io to run a contest. If you are creating a skill that utilises a 3rd party public API this would be the perfect time to release that skill and enter the contest.

So What Are The Contest Details?

There are 2 categories for entering (you do not specify the category you are entering, this seems to be decided by the judges). The categories are Creative Skills and Useful Skills.

Peter Sun, 12/04/2016 - 01:00