• Amazon Alexa Blog – Alexa section of the official Amazon developer blog. Post range from announcements regarding new features through to interviews with prominant peiople in the industry.


  • Official Alexa Forum - The official Alexa developer forum hosted by Amazon. A fairly adctive forum however at times more complex questions may go unanaswered.

Skill Directories


  • Alexa Developer Podcast – The Alexa Developer Podcast is a relatively new podcast direct from Amazon. The podcast features interviews with industry experts and members of the Alexa team in each episode. The podcast can be found on your favourite podcatcher.
  • AWS Tech Chat - The AWS Tech Chat is another Amazon podcast. As opposed to the Alexa Developer Podcast the subject matter is much broader and focuses on the AWS platform in general. Many of the subjects are still relevant.


  • Echo Sim – Echo Sim is a tool that allows you to test a skill from within the browser using your voice.