New Regions Coming To Alexa

Submitted by Peter on Wed, 11/15/2017 - 18:33

Over the past week, Amazon has made a couple of big announcements. Today Amazon announced that the Amazon Echo is coming to the US. As they did when India became included Amazon will be automatically adding skills to the Canadian store and creating a language for the skill. This brings a further flavour of English to Alexa now (we already have the UK, US and Indian).

Amazon has posted a couple of articles over on the developer blog announcing the new region as well as How To Update Your Skills if required.

So I mentioned there were a couple of announcements. So what is the the other? Well, interestingly it is Japan. Amazon has posted numerous blog posts regarding the matter but many of them are posted in Japanese however they did post an announcement in English. This is only the 2nd non-English region that has been made available (Germany being the first). It will be interesting t see how many people will take the time and make the effort of converting their skills to Japanese, however, I no doubt expect that Japan will fully embrace Alexa enabled devices.

There does seem to be quite a drive now on pushing Alexa out to more regions, Amazon has certainly picked up the pace in their announcements. I do not expect it will be too long until another region is announced.