New List Read And Write Permissions

Submitted by Peter on Sun, 05/07/2017 - 09:42

Back in April Amazon added the concept of permissions into the Amazon Skill world when they introduced the Device Location API.

Amazon has now introduced another set of permissions that can be requested, list read and list write. As you can probably tell from the names providing you obtain permission from the user you can now read a users list (such as to-do list or shopping list), and providing you have write access granted you can also add and remove items from the list.

In the announcement Amazon also mentions further enhancements:

Later this year, we will expand our list functionality to add support for events, which ensures that your skill will know when customers add or remove items to their lists on Alexa.

this new ability will ultimately increase the usefulness of your skill.

I did hypothesize in my post regarding the location permissions that we should expect to see more permissions coming soon but I did not expect it to be so quickly. I wonder if Amazon has started to step up a gear due to the increased competition from Google and the rumors of an announcement from Apple imminent (WWDC in June maybe?). Whatever the reason this is a great addition for developers. The only concern I have is ensuring responsible usage of the data.

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