New Github Repositories

Submitted by Peter on Sun, 01/15/2017 - 16:37

As I will be creating numerous tutorials that will require coding I have created a new Github repository to house this code. At present this repository is empty but will up over time.

The repository can be found HERE.

I am also developing some tools that are aimed to help developers in their efforts in creating Echo skills and other Alexa tools. This repository can be found HERE.

So far I have uploaded 2 files onto this repository. These are:

  1. PHP file that has an object that contains all current built-in Intents including the recently added object style intents.
  2. JSON file with the output of json_encode of the PHP object. This will come in handy when creating tools in any language including C#, JavaScript etc. I envisage this being used in tools that can help creating Intent Schemas.

So again the repositories are as follows:

  1. Alexa Bible Tutorials
  2. Alexa Tools

Feel free in forking these repositories and if you feel you have improved upon them I would be grateful for a pull request.I of course aim to update these as regular as possible (i.e. when Amazon release new intents).

Happy coding.