New Developer Alexa Skill

Submitted by Peter on Mon, 10/30/2017 - 22:47

A new skill has appeared on the Alexa Skill Store aimed at skill developers. The new Dev Tips skill has the following description:

This skill answers questions about Alexa development, gives you the latest developer news, and even provides contact information for the Alexa Education team.

You can try things like:

"Alexa, ask Dev Tips about SSML."

"Alexa, ask Dev Tips about office hours."

"Alexa, ask Dev Tips how to use a database."

Unfortunately, I have been unable to test how well the skill works as it appears to be the US only and at present my Echo's are registered in the UK (although I may change 1 to the US for testing).

I have reached out to an Amazon rep to ascertain if the skill is awaiting certification in other regions or if this is an oversight, at present awaiting a response.

Have you tried this new skill? If so how are you finding it?