Our Skills

Live Skills

I currently have the following skills live:

Skill Name Description Germany UK US
Dundee Gigs Users can request details of gigs on a specific day that are on in Dundee. The skill can also provide basic information regarding the venue. n/a Skill Page n/a
Dundee Facts A simple fact skill that gives a random fact about the city of Dundee in Scotland. n/a Skill Page n/a
Know Your MSP

This is a skill that is intended to accompany the site Know Your MSP. The skill was initially created and submitted in the Hackster competition. Find out more HERE.

The skill was awarded the 2nd prize in the hackster.io competition.

n/a Skill Page n/a
Wacken  Facts Users can request a random fact regarding the largest heavy metal festival in the world, the Wacken festival located in Germany. n/a Skill Page

Skill Page

Wacken  Information

Users can request a informationregarding the Wacken festival. Potential requests include:

  • Find out what bands are playing this year
  • How often and when a band last played
  • How many days until the next Wacken
  • When the next wacken is.

I have also incorporated the Wacken facts skill into this 1.

n/a Skill Page


These skills can all be found on Amazon.

Skill Ideas

The following are some of the skill ideas that are potentially in development.

Alexa Bible

The Alexa Bible skill would have the following functionality:

  • Output the recent news
  • Act as a syndicator for Alexa themed podcasts
  • Skill of the day/week (promote a skill)

Gig Guide Skill

The skill would allow a user to set their hometown and request what gigs are scheduled for any given date. Additional features would be:

  • Fetch venue details
  • Purchase tickets (would require a partner)
  • Further details regarding the event (start time, lineup, age restrictions etc).
  • Track bands and be alerted when they announce a tour


I am always interested in ideas for a new skill. If you would like to suggest an idea (and potentially bag a £20 Amazon voucher) be sure to tip me off to the idea on my idea suggestion form.