Amazon Alexa And Google Assistant, A Match Made In Heaven?

Submitted by Peter on Mon, 05/08/2017 - 22:39

A little over a week ago Google announced the public release of the SDK for the assistant. I wondered at the time how long it would take for someone to utilize both the Amazon Voice SDK and the Google Assistant SDK on a single device. At the time this was just an interesting concept that I did not think would see the light of day for a while, well I was wrong.

Over at a user called xTools has released a project that appears to make it very easy to implement both SDK's on a Raspberry Pi. The project is called AssistantPi.I have not yet had a chance to check how well this works but it certainly looks promising. Of course, the Raspberry Pi is more of a hobbyist device but it will help show the potential of using both assistant SDK's.

Of course for a personal project, you do not need to really get the OK from Amazon or Google but I do wonder if a device would pass certification from either company is it were to come to market. Only time will tell on this 1.

To find out more about xTools AssistantPi project be sure to check out the project page over at